Trumpy the Acid Trumpet in Space Adventure 9: The Chronicles of Life and Death

by Gigakoops featuring Squiggle Glitz and Nightmare Lyre

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So I wrote a proof-of-concept piece on the side while deliberating on the next album. I used a MIDI synthesizer called "Crystal," which included a soundbank called "Acid Trumpet," which to me sounded rather unique. I wrote a musical piece centered around a dubstep-style lead medley I wrote with it.

When I decided to share it with the artists involved with the upcoming album, two of them, Nightmare Lyre and Squiggle Glitz, took strong interest in it, and decided to add to it. Many additions later, the simple proof-of-concept piece I wrote transformed into something much more massive in scale.

So I present this mix that we made, which includes one of the strangest setups to ever even sorta work. Hope you enjoy, and look forward to the next album, whenever we get done with it.


released June 15, 2013
Music - Gigakoops, Nightmare Lyre, Squiggle Glitz
Vocals - Squiggle Glitz
Mixing - Gigakoops, Nightmare Lyre
Artwork - Squiggle Glitz, Nightmare Lyre, Joseph Zambri ("Gigakoops" logo)



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Gigakoops Cambridge, Ohio

If you look up the dictionary definition of "music," you will find something along the lines of "sounds combined to form a harmony and express emotion." Well, Gigakoops sort of does that, so technically this is "music." Combining the sounds of chiptune and a ton of experimentation, the songs found on this page are sure to lead you to the conclusion that what you heard was in fact "music." ... more

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